Cooking for me
is a way of life

Marlaina's Kitchen Premium Jerk Seasoning

About Marlaina's Kitchen

Marlaina’s Premium Jerk Seasoning is 5 years in the making, created with love, dedication and by carefully selecting spices produced for the western palate. The result is an alluring layering of bombastic flavours so big you won’t need anything else!

Marlaina’s Premium Jerk Seasoning was born on Marlaina’s Kitchen Television show which aired on Prime. Marlaina’s Premium Jerk Seasoning are now available in stores, so you can enjoy this aromatic authentic blend of spices in your home.

Cooking for me is a way of life. I believe that there is no right or wrong way to do it…. just your way.

This is my way. I’m not a chef, I’m just passionate about food. My family love all of my inspirational dishes, which actually stem from them.

I love to be adventurous in the kitchen. What’s the worst that could happen? If it all turns ugly, just pick yourself up and carry on to the next recipe.

I love to create but can’t stand being in the kitchen for hours on end, so I make amazing, taste-tantalising dishes in a fraction of the time.

— Marlaina